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Pesticides being sprayed from choppers

This subject really is frustrating, because every year we have choppers that fly around or hover above ppl's houses whenever garden is in plain site spraying pesticides. Now think how many gardens we have in this area. So make sure to always wash all produce before eating it. No more walking out n plucking a ripe cherry tomato & eating it while working in gardens.

When you spray DEET, Permetherin, etc.

Just think every time you spray this on you. Like me back 4 years ago whenever i sprayed Permetherin on my clothing it limited me from crossing creeks & streams because i knew what I was wearing on my clothing. i also had more ticks on my clothing back then than what i do now wearing Keystone Backwoods.

DEET products is no good for humans either!

1. DEET will melt plastics.

2. DEET is known to cause "CANCER"

3. DEET can also be absorbed thru your skin, which means it will be distributed throughout the entire human body & our organs including the brain & fetus.

P.S For more info about DEET. Go to this url below.

DEET VS Keystone Backwoods

1. DEET is no good for environment wildlife, aquatic species, drinking water, creeks, rivers, lakes, etc, etc.

2. DEET is no good for humans either.

3. DEET is known  for CANCER.

Keystone Backwoods

1. Will not hurt the ecosystem, wildlife, bald eagles, aquatic species, humans, etc.

2. Keystone Backwoods is 100% ALL NATURAL.

3. Cross creeks now w/o worrying about the water which wildlife will be drinking from & the body of water itself.

4. Keystone Backwoods secret ingredients will kill ticks as well "GUARANTEED".

Keystone Backwoods pet shampoo

Keystone Backwoods pet shampoo available now.

Great for pets with skin allergies dry/itchy skin. This product will repel ticks/fleas on dogs & cats while leaving their coats soft & shiny & smelling great. Available now in 18 oz. Now with "Honey" in.

Japanese Maple "Floating Cloud"

A nice looking Japanese Maple cultivar known as the floating cloud will be available for sale this Spring for $120.00. It just turned 4 years old.