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RE: Products w/o picture

All products w/o a picture are all the new products that will be out in 2018. Stay tuned for new products after the New Year.

Vaughn's Nursery

I also have bareroot trees/shrubs. I can order in basically any type of tree/shrub/fruit tree you desire. All the plants i sell comes with plant care directions also. I also have hanging baskets, flower planters, hand made wooden planters, etc.

Customers flower planter in 2017

Customers flower planter from 2017.

Wave petunias in a nice planter from 2017.

Customers flower planter 2017

Nice looking & healthy wave petunias Yellow & White.

Bi-color butterfly bush

Baby Bi-color butterfly bushes will be available in 2018 for a "LOW LOW PRICE" Stay tuned come Spring 2018 for pricing.

Dwarf Cedar "Globosa Nana"

I also have dwarf Cedar trees & evergreen trees for a "LOW PRICE". Cedar trees helps to repel fleas & ticks from yard.

Just a few of the trail cam picts in 2017 so far.

Keystone Backwoods repellent/coverscent

Spray bottoms of boots

Spray your gloves

Spray your hat & Clothes

Always spray down the trail cams after they have been placed

Now just collect some nice pictures.


Scientific proven results

Keystone Backwoods "All Natural" repellents/coverscent are scientific proven to repel insects mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, gnats, biting flies, & many many more nuisance insects. However my products will not harm beneficial insects. My ingredients have killed over 10 ticks now in 3 + yrs. "Customer satisfaction guaranteed". Join the list of satisfied customers!