New products coming in 2018

Keystone Backwoods tick/flea dog & cat shampoo

This new product wont only help repel ticks/fleas from your cats, it also has some special ingredients in it to help with your dog or cats skin problems. Lastly, your pets will smell "GREAT". 

Keystone Backwoods "Down Wind"

This great new product is made for hunting, which gives you exact wind direction every time you go out for a hunt. Remember wildlife rely on their sense of smell the most. Product is "ALL NATURAL" W/O using Talc powder. Stay "Down Wind". Product is sold in 2 oz bottles for only $1.89 each.

Keystone Backwoods insect/tick be gone indoor/outdoor defense system

An excellent product coming soon. This works great for deck/patio, indoors, greenhouses, etc. Product comes with One water essential oil vaporizer that plugs into wall & not USB. Vapor also comes with 1 year warranty. Will also come with a 1 oz bottle Keystone Backwoods insect/tick be gone indoor/outdoor refill. Lastly, you will get a bottle of Keystone Backwoods insect/tick be gone repellent for those times when your not by a power outlet. All for $59.95.

Keystone Backwoods cat treats

This unique new product will be 100% cotton fabric with cat nip stuffed inside it. I will then sew the ends together to keep the cats from actually eating the cat nip. $2.25 each or 2 for $4.00.

Keystone Backwoods "Yard Defense system"

Control insects/ticks/fleas/aphids/etc. With this All Natural yard defense system. Having problems with plants being destroyed by aphids, leaf thrips, etc. Sick of worrying about ticks & Lyme Disease? The ingredients sprayed from out of tank are All Natural & has killed over 10 ticks so far in 3 + years. Make your yard even safer for pets, kids, yourself. With your help we can help eliminate the Tick Infestation that has been exploding in PA in past few years.