Hanging baskets for 2018

Bamboo 12"

$14.95 ech. Will be filled with following flowers Begonia, Spreading petunias, Geraniums, Dianthus, Black eyed susan vines, so many more.

Western Pulp "biodegradable" 12 3/4"

These hanging baskets are great because they are biodegradable . They are made of materials that is breathable & they will retain moisture. Best of all return them in 2019 for more flowers to be put in. After that then break them down & put into garden. $17.95 ech

Hanging baskets 11" Green

Nice 11" green hanging basket. Will be priced at just $10.95 ech.

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Flower planters be available as well.

A friends/customers planters bought in 2017. Flower planters will be priced between $14.95 - $32.95 ech depending size of planter.

Vaughn's Nursery "Flower Planter 2017"

Like a nice looking/healthy flower planter. Come to Vaughn's Nursery. Every planter sold comes some free fertilizer to keep it looking "Excellent all summer long"!