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Stop in for Mothers Day for some nice looking hanging baskets at great prices. Bamboo hanging pots

Will have some very nice looking bamboo hanging baskets available for Mothers Day. Also will have flower planters, boston ferns, so much more.



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RE: Rhonda West Article written on Keystone Backwoods

Read Rhonda W. article

A big Thank You to Kat Haas

She allowed me to use her pictures she sent me of her using Keystone Backwoods products. She tested them out last Spring 2017.

Ingredients i use will kill ticks. Ask to see them at nursery.

How does my ingredients kill ticks?

1. Dehydrates them

2. Encapsulation of body fats

3. Pheromonal interference

4. Neutralization of bodily fluids

5. Inhibits them from breathing

6. Dissolves insect larvae

All my products are completely safe for beneficial insects.

Keystone Backwoods are safe for "DOGS"

All of Keystone Backwoods products are "SAFE" for dogs. The reason why you can not use products on dogs, is because the pine smell in the product will "Irritate" their skin. I do not use pure "undiluted Pine oil". I have a special way how i have the smell of Pine in the products w/o even using Pine oil. "PURE PINE OIL IS TOXIC TO DOGS", but none of my products contains Pure Pine oil. However "DO NOT USE PRODUCTS THAT HAS "BOTANICAL PLANT EXTRACTS ON LABEL FOR CATS, BECAUSE CATS LACK ENZYMES NEEDED TO DIGEST THE OILS.


Vaughn's Nursery

Keystone Backwoods

A lady i consider my friend "Rhonda West" using products.


Rhonda West wore the insect/tick be gone repellent in Africa June 2017 with excellent results. She also loves the Tick/flea be gone for dogs. Try a bottle today & protect yourself, kids, & pets from Lyme Disease, Powassan Virus, West Nile, Malaria, Zika, etc.  "Customer satisfaction guaranteed"

A friend of mine "Kat Haas" using Keystone Backwoods products with great success.

All Natural products that really work. All products are made by a small business. Join the growing list of satisfied customers.

Blend in with the outdoors.

Keystone Backwoods products come with a "Customer Satisfaction Guarantee" on every product purchased at Vaughn's Nursery. If not completely happy with product i will refund your $. All i want is for everyone in the Keystone State & every where else to be safe from Lyme DIsease & mosquito viruses such as West Nile, Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Malaria, so many more. The secret formula in Keystone Backwoods "ALL NATURAL" repellents is a secret. I have been performing experiments & doing testing for over 3 years before even coming out with Keystone Backwoods.


Vaughn's Nursery

Keystone Backwoods


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New business hours starting this Spring April 1st.

Keystone Backwoods table will be set out in driveway at end of March full of Keystone Backwoods products to be sold. Stop in & check out the selection. Once again sorry for having to have appointments set up. I just dont like customers coming to nursery under business hrs whenever i had to make a store visit to drop off products. 

P.S if i do not answer please leave me voicemail & i will call you back  a.s.a.p. 

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Stop out in the Spring of 2018 to check out some nice looking hanging flower pots & flower planters


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Keystone Backwoods repellents with Pine oil & pets

Never use any of Keystone Backwoods all natural products on pets that has "Pine" listed on bottle. Pine oil is harmful for pets. My products do not include pure undiluted Pine oil. I have a secret formula to get the pine smell into the products w/o harming pets.

Keystone Backwoods all natural repellents

I take great pride in making the absolute best all natural products on the market today. I am always experimenting with new ideas. Am always improving my products so they satisfy all of my customers.  

List of stores in 2018 carrying Keystone Backwoods products

1. Saxton Outdoor supply

2. Seven Points Bait & Grocery "End of April"

3. Countryside Sporting Goods Store

4. R & J Outdoor Shop

5. Love-It Upcycle Boutique

6. Our Town Boutique

7. Martins Garden Center "end Beginning of April"

8. Raystown Gift shop "Raystown reflections" 7 pts side.

Kat Haas taking time to test my products.

I would like to take this time to thank what i consider a friend of mine, because she has helped me out with testing out my products & writing an excellent article on Keystone Backwoods products. Kat also gave me permission to put her pictures on website to better promote Keystone Backwoods. So once again a "BIG THANK YOU TO Kat Haas"

Rhonda West Loves Keystone Backwoods products

Rhonda took time to use my products also & she also wrote an excellent article that can be found under tab gear review "Insect Be Gone". She even wore the insect be gone in Africa in 2017 with excellent success. Read about it all above site. I would like to also "THANK" Rhonda for taking time to use my products & write a article on them.         

Ted Taylor ""

Wanted to take this time to thank a friend of mine Ted Taylor. He has been by my side for past 4 years now. He's given me advice, tips, useful/helpful info, so much more. He is a great person!! So thanks Ted!